1st workshop DCE 2012

Session 1 : Dynamic compilation for performance (10h)

Chairman : Frédéric Pétrot

  • Embedded System Memory Allocator Optimization Using Dynamic Code Generation”     Yves LHUILLIER and Damien COUROUSSÉ Lhuillier
  • A Tirex-based SSA Interpreter”    Artur PIETREK, Florent BOUCHEZ and Benoit Dupont De DINECHIN Artur
  • Does dynamic and speculative parallelization enable advanced parallelizing and optimizing code transformation ?” Philippe CLAUSS and Alexandra Jimborean Clauss

Session 2 : Dynamic compilation for functionality (11h30)

Chairman : Philippe Clauss

  • Basic Infrastructure for Dynamic Code Generation” Henri-Pierre CHARLES
  • Deployment Management through on-remote-site Dynamic Compilation” Francois PACULL Pacull  Slides-Pacull
  • Fast Simulation of Systems Embedding VLIW Processors”   Luc MICHEL, Nicolas Fournel and Frédéric PÉTROT Michel

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