2nd International Workshop DCE 2013

Thuesday January, 22
Room Aquamarin

Session 1 : 14H Dynamic compilation

Chairman : Bruce Childers

Session 2: 16h30 A Case for Hybrid Microarchitecture (invited presentation)

Chairman : Henri-Pierre Charles

Invited talk by Naveen Kumar 2013-DCE-Naveen-Kumar-Keynote

Abstract : A Hybrid Microarchitecture is one that leverages hardware/software
co-design to couple a dynamic binary translation and optimization
software subsystem with a simple, often in-order, microprocessor
hardware design. The underlying hardware implements a custom ISA
designed specifically to facilitate a software component that manages
execution, dynamically translating the instruction stream from a host
ISA (e.g. x86) to the custom ISA. The most notable commercial
realizations of such hybrid architectures include Transmeta's Crusoe
and Efficeon processors. Recently, there has been renewed interest in
hybrid microarchitecture, particularly in the research community and
these hybrid designs may cause a dramatic shift in how we view and
design future architectures.

In this talk, I will highlight some recent research work in the area
of hybrid microarchitecture. Next, I will discuss several design
challenges faced by the microprocessor industry and address how hybrid
microarchitecture could be better suited to meet these challenges than
the current state-of-the-art. I will also propose research questions
that must be addressed in order for hybrid microarchitecture to become
Bio: Naveen Kumar is a researcher with Intel Labs in Santa Clara,
California. His research interests include microprocessor
architecture, dynamic binary translation and virtualization. Naveen's
current research at Intel Corporation focuses on Hybrid
Microarchitectures. Previously, he worked at VMware on multi-processor
record replay techniques, among other things. Naveen has a doctorate
from University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, U.S.A., and Bachelors in
Technology from Indian Institute of Technology in Varanasi, India.

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