3rd International Workshop DCE 2014

3rd workshop on: Dynamic Compilation Everywhere

Vienna, Austria, Tuesday 21 January, 2014
Organizers : Henri-Pierre CHARLES, Dorit NUZMAN, Bjoern FRANKE, Andreas KRALL

Room : S_II
10:00-11:00 Session 1 : 2014-DCE-IMGInvited talk Dr. Michael Gschwind, IBM fellow.
Session chair : Henri-Pierre Charles

Title : Perking Up Code: Architecting High-Performing Dynamic Compilation Systems for the Future

Abstract : Dynamic Compilation represents a unique opportunity to adapt application code to workload profiles. Dynamic compilation offers significant advantages over traditional  workloads because each instance of the code can be adapted to the specific circumstances, represented by a combination of user workload and user environment. Thus, applications can continue to be optimized for new systems and processor technologies even as new hardware capabilities become available, or as workload behavior changes over time. Dynamic Compilation also offers advantages to software developers over feedback directed profile based optimization because it does not affect ISV build and application validation processes by requiring to build and operate “reference environments” to collect execution profiles.

Reflecting these advantages, dynamic compilation based technologies have been gaining increasingly mainstream acceptance over the past decade. To further improve the acceptance for dynamic compilation technologies, and bring more dynamic optimization technologies from the research labs into the mainstream, our community has to work on two key goals: allow ever more aggressive program transformations while guaranteeing full correctness, and reducing the overheads imposed by dynamic compilation. We will discuss how co-designing processor architecture can offer important support in achieving both goals, and describe recent innovations in state of the art processors to support for JIT and dynamic code optimization technologies.

About the Speaker :
Dr. Michael Gschwind is a Senior Technical Staff Member and Senior Manager of System Architecture in the IBM Systems and Technology Group. In his dual role as a technical leader and manager, he is responsible for leading the architecture evolution of IBM’s mainframe System z and Power systems and manages the architecture teams for both System z and Power brands. Previously, Dr. Gschwind served as Blue Gene Floating Point Chief Architect, and was a a technical leader for the Cell, Xbox360, Power7, and Power8 processors. At the IBM TJ Watson Research Center, Dr. Gschwind was a technical leader for the development of the DAISY and BOA dynamic compilation systems. Dr. Gschwind received his PhD from Technische Universität Wien. Dr. Gschwind is an IEEE Fellow, an IBM Master Inventor and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology and was named as an industry-leading “IT Innovator and Influencer” by InformationWeek in 2006.

10:37 PADRONE: a Platform for Online Profiling, Analysis, and Optimization Emmanuel Riou, Inria, Erven Rohou, Inria, Philippe Clauss, Université de Strasbourg, Inria, Nabil Hallou, Inria Alain Ketterlin, Université de Strasbourg, Inria  DCE-2014-Erven-Rohou-article Kerterlin-PADRONE

11:30-13:00 Session 2 :

Session chair : Dorit Nuzman


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