4th workshop DCE 2015

Dynamic Compilation Everywhere

Jan. 20, 2015 14:00 – 17:30 Room: E103

Program : Chairman Henri-Pierre Charles

  • 14h : “Programming Strategies for Contextual Runtime Specialization“, Tiago Carvalho, Pedro Pinto and Joao Cardoso  DCE-2015_Tiago-Carvalho
  • 14h30 : “OJIT: A Novel Obfuscation Approach Using Standard Just-In-Time Compiler Transformations”, Muhammad Hataba, Ahmed El-Mahdy and Erven Rohou DCE-2015_Muhammad-Hataba
  • 15h:  “Towards a dynamic code generator for run-time self-tuning kernels in embedded application“, Fernando Akira Endo, Damien Couroussé and Henri-Pierre Charles DCE-2015_Fernando-Akira-Endo

News :

Organizers :

  • Henri-Pierre CHARLES    CEA-LIST, France    Henri-Pierre.Charles@cea.fr
  • Dorit NUZMAN            IBM, Israel        Dorit@il.ibm.com
  • Bjoern FRANKE        Edinburg Univ.        bfranke@inf.ed.ac.uk
  • Andreas KRALL        Wien TU        andi@complang.tuwien.ac.at

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